Marble Tables

In your home or in your workplace always adds a luxurious look to a space because of its eye-catching appearance .

Waterjet Marble

Extraordinary beauty for you to equip your house or workplace with the most original designs according to your liking, your soul.

French Pattern

It is an indispensable part of all architectural designs, projects, decorations.

Split Face

The marble which gives its appearance aesthetic and characteristic appearance can easily adapt to all environments with its natural and color.

Marble Usage Areas

The marble has been transformed into magnificent interior and exterior living and working spaces by giving excellent views to architectural projects.

Interior Decoration

In use areas such as bathtubs, washbasins, kitchen countertops are not only adorned with wonderful designs but also add value to your living space.


The marbles, which can be the most gorgeous visual element of the interior , are also used in exterior decoration, sculpture and ornaments.


Stairs, flooring, marble walls characteristic, pleasant appearance and robust structure is very preferred .

Wall Coating

Both in your house and spa centers, hotels, cafeterias, businesses, sports halls, restaurants, etc can be preferred.

Why Raksmar?

Project 1

Divan Otel Erbil

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Expocenter Minvody

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Expocenter Minvody 2

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Expocenter Minvody 3

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Expocenter Minvody 4

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Expocenter Minvody 5

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Lake Palace Bakü

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N Residence

Project 7

Lake Palace Bakü

Project 7

Hotel Sava Slovenya

Project 7

Lake Palace Bakü